-All tours include water taxi from Homer to Tutka Bay and back.
-Limit of 4 guests on sit-on-top kayak fishing tours.
-We provide all gear and instruction for kayak tours.
-Must have current Alaska Fishing license with salmon stamp for each person who will be fishing on guided kayak fishing tours.
-All cancellations made during our peak season (June-August) will incur a $25.00 charge.
-Cancellations made within 24 hours of your trip will be refunded at 50%.
-In the event that weather interferes with your kayaking trip, all monies will be returned to you.
-Kayak fishing can feel clumsy. When you are “out of water” you need to remember to keep your paddle and rod attached. When you hook a salmon, be patient and take your time bringing it in. The fish in Alaska are big enough to take you for a ride! Any equipment that is lost is your responsibility and you will be expected to replace its value.
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